Feb 2015 Bullying on Faith; Execution Murder

One would believe as we have stepped in 2015, people would be educated, acknowledged, & most of all open minded, so how come that is not the case? How come there is so much hate or bigotry? Are we humans have no common sense any more, that we want to be right, regardless of right vs wrong?

Yesterday, I heard 3 young adults in the state of North Carolina, were killed execution style, just because of their religion/beliefs.

Who has any right to bully, criticize, or judge other people on their looks, background, and/or beliefs?

Please take a moment and let’s be united. #AlllivesMatter

#Saynoonbullying #Snob

What Bullying?

Ok before we begin, let’s back track for a minute and define what does “Bullying” actually mean, since we have been bombarded with social medias, schools, media, and etc throwing the word, “Bullying” at us like crazy.

Bully(ing) is defined as:

“Use of superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.”